A great website
for your business

Do you need a portfolio, do you have a holiday home or are you self-employed with your own company? Then you came to the right place! Because we at Favonio make sure that your business runs even better in the future by creating your new professional website. We take care of everything that is important, from planning and design to implementation and optimization. We even take care of the photos, texts and the right online marketing so that you can find even more customers in the future and boost your sales.


Especially restaurants and bars are visited daily by many people. That's why a good online presence is so important. Visitors should not only get information quickly and easily, but also get a first impression of the ambience and the desire for more. Exactly this is the special field of Favonio, for which we have not only an ace up our sleeve.


Do you rent your private accommodation, do you have a second home or a holiday home? You are certainly already registered on Airbnb or booking.com. But an own website can do much more! You can highlight the special features and present pictures much more impressively. So your offer becomes more exclusive & serious. By the way you reach more interested tenants.


As a freelancer, good online marketing is vital to survival. With an appealing website you can find more customers and address your clientele in a targeted way. Doctors, lawyers and consultants in private practice benefit enormously from a modern Internet presence. But also for architects and scientists a representative website is more than useful.


As an artist it is very important to find the right customers and make your own style popular. This is exactly what a modern website offers. Musicians and bands have a central point of contact for fans, singers and actors can show what they are made of, and designers can present their own designs impressively.


Competitive athletes, clubs and sports groups benefit enormously from a modern website. It represents the sport in public and shows achieved and set goals. In addition, a modern website is a central contact point for interested parties, members, supporters and sponsors.


In craft professions, the quality of one's own work is decisive. A great hairdresser, a creative carpenter or the passionately run workshop next door are best represented by expressive pictures. This is why the Favonio combination of photographer and website is particularly interesting for craftsmen and service providers.