Full package
website creation

We take care of the complete process of creating a professional website for you. You don't have to book an agency, you have a competent contact person and you end up paying much less than you would normally have to spend. This works because we specialize in small businesses like yours. So many planning steps are omitted, we can leave out unnecessary business input, and reduce the amount of work to what is really necessary. Favonio unites all service providers that are necessary for an outstanding online presence.


Professional photos are the be-all and end-all for a convincing web presence. Because photos give customers the important first impression and the comforting feeling of having found just the right thing.

Web designer

We take care of the web design, i.e. the very special look of your site. As with all creative things, it's all about style and taste. Our style is minimalist and clearly structured.

Usability Expert

We attach great importance to clarity and user-friendliness of your future online presence. We use responsive templates that look great on any screen size.

Marketing Consultant

Even the best website is useless if nobody visits it. We make sure that customers can find your site through Google & Co. In technical jargon this is called SEO - Search Engine Optimization. In this way you generate more customers and make more profit in the long run.


To fill your new page with content, we will discuss what the page should convey. Then we create short, concise text excerpts together. We adapt the choice of words, size and position to the website. Thus your page remains clear and at the same time informative.


As soon as the page is finished, you will be initiated into the system. We'll show you how to keep your site up to date and add new content in the future. So you have the necessary tools to continue your site independently. Besides, you save money, which would normally be due for maintenance.